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Blocked drains & drainage services.

When it comes to blocked drain issues, we know that getting them unblocked is a matter of urgency. Smart Flow NE are experts in emergency drain unblocking and drain clearance.

  • We repair and maintain all drainage systems.
  • CCTV and high-pressure water jetting services.
  • All commercial and domestic work undertaken.
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"I am a private landlord and had complex plumbing and drainage problems at my high-end rental property. I have employed a lot of tradespeople over the years, and I have been blown away by the outstanding professionalism and courtesy of Smart Flow. They are by far the best company I have worked with, and I wish I had discovered them years ago. They really went above and beyond to fix issues and improve my property. Don’t even consider using anyone else."

- Viv Hudson, North East.

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Showcasing our expertise: Recent drainage service case studies.

Here, we showcase our drainage solutions. We're all about solving water problems efficiently using smart technology. Check out our successful projects for homes and businesses below.

Efficient maintenance of an oil interceptor at Northumberland University campus.

Tasked with maintaining an oil interceptor at a Northumberland University Campus, the drainage division of Smart Flow NE employed its specialised resources to ensure the system's optimal performance. The operation involved using our vacuum tanker equipped with high-pressure water jetting capabilities, a crucial tool for effectively emptying and cleaning the interceptor.

Our team of engineers, fully trained for work in confined spaces, meticulously inspected the interceptor. This proactive maintenance measure was pivotal in identifying potential issues. Fortunately, the inspection revealed no defects, indicating that the interceptor's functionality was not compromised. The process concluded with a comprehensive cleanout, restoring the oil interceptor to full operational capacity.

This operation underscores the importance of regular maintenance and inspection of essential wastewater management systems. Smart Flow NE's expertise and specialised equipment ensure such systems operate efficiently, preventing environmental contamination and supporting the campus's sustainability goals.

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Sustainable Sewage Solution for Ponteland Cottage.

In response to environmental regulations, one of our loyal customers, for whom we regularly service and maintain pumping stations, acquired a cottage in Ponteland facing compliance issues. The existing septic tank system, which discharged directly into a watercourse, was no longer permissible under the Environment Agency's General Binding Rules established in 2019. This necessitated a transition to a more sustainable and compliant waste management solution.

Smart Flow took the initiative to design, supply, install, and commission a state-of-the-art package sewage treatment plant tailored to the cottage's needs. This modern system aligns with current environmental regulations. It ensures effective sewage treatment, preventing pollution and safeguarding the local ecosystem.

Our comprehensive approach provided the client with a seamless transition to a sustainable sewage management system, demonstrating Smart Flow's commitment to delivering environmentally responsible and regulation-compliant solutions.

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Innovative drainage solution for an automotive factory.

Our team crafted a comprehensive solution without natural drainage or sewer systems to address a longstanding drainage issue within a loading area at an automotive factory in the North East. Surrounded by factories, conventional trenching for gravity drainage was not viable due to the required depth over the distance. Our innovative approach involved designing, supplying, and installing a submersible pumping station, complementing drainage channels to manage water collection and support the pumping station efficiently.

Through a trusted subcontractor, we used mole technology to establish a rising main route into the factory, connecting to an existing drain for the discharge from the pumping station. The installation featured a full Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) tank, requisite pipework, a dual pump control panel with high-level alarm and motor protection, and pumps, all beneath a secure access cover. Smart Flow designed and installed this comprehensive solution.

Having faced this issue for years without a feasible resolution, the client expressed immense satisfaction with the provided solution, marking a significant achievement in our portfolio of innovative engineering solutions.

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Effective flood mitigation for North Tyneside school.

Faced with recurring and costly cellar/basement flooding, a school in the North Tyneside area required a durable and efficient solution to mitigate water accumulation that previously necessitated expensive vacuum tanker services. Smart Flow NE was entrusted with the challenge and devised a strategic approach to address the flooding concerns effectively.

The implemented solution encompassed the construction of a sump within the basement area, designed to collect and manage water ingress. Two vortex pumps were installed on guide rails to enhance the system's functionality and reliability, ensuring easy serviceability. A cutting-edge dual pump control panel, equipped with ultrasonic level control, was introduced to automate the operation of the pumps, activating them as necessary to manage water levels efficiently.

This tailored solution resolved the flooding issue. It introduced a system that prevents future water damage and reduces the financial burden on the school, demonstrating Smart Flow NE's commitment to delivering smart, effective flood mitigation strategies.

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Routine interceptor maintenance and blockage resolution.

In our commitment to environmental protection and efficient wastewater management, we recently undertook routine interceptor maintenance as part of our extensive service register. This essential task involved the deployment of our advanced vacuum tanker designed to remove all solids and oils accumulated within the tanks, ensuring their optimal function and cleanliness.

During this routine procedure, our team encountered a blockage between the tanks, a common challenge in the management of interceptors. Utilising the high-pressure jetting facility integrated within our jet vac unit, we were able to effectively alleviate the blockage and thoroughly clean the line, restoring seamless flow and operational integrity to the system.

This incident highlights the importance of regular maintenance and the capability of Smart Flow NE to perform scheduled cleaning and swiftly respond to and resolve unforeseen issues, ensuring the uninterrupted functionality of essential wastewater infrastructure.

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Drainage Services    Drainage Services    Drainage Services    Drainage Services

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