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"I noticed my boiler was leaking after moving into a new property. I tried to call two heating engineers without luck, but Smart Flow were able to help within 24 hours. They quickly worked out the issue, got the parts needed and the boiler was fixed in no time, and all for a reasonable price. Friendly, professional, and very considerate of Covid regulations. I was extremely happy with their service."

- Jane Pearson, Whitley Bay.

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Expert heating engineers in Whitley Bay.

Professional heating engineers offering boiler and central heating installation, repair and servicing in Whitley Bay. Gas Safe Registered - Registration Number 916246.

  • Boiler installation, servicing and repair.
  • Central heating installation and repair.
  • Heating repair.
  • Gas repair, gas testing and gas certificates.
  • Domestic, including landlords.

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It can be a complicated task to oversee the installation of a new boiler - better leave it to our experts at Smart Flow NE!

We provide boiler installations for customers all over Whitley Bay and the local area - we will come to your home or business and replace your old boiler with a new, high-efficiency model.

We have been installing boilers for years. Our Whitley Bay team is well known for providing top quality, affordable boiler services, including boiler installation. Our team of highly trained engineers will get your boiler up and running in no time at all.

Our highly trained, experienced engineers are committed to providing excellent service. We will perform a thorough installation of your boiler system, ensuring that you will be satisfied with the results.

Do You Need a Boiler Installation?

If you have an older boiler that is not as effective as it used to be and repair costs are starting to add up, a new boiler might be the best option for your home. If you notice one of these problems in your boiler, it may be time to replace it:

No Hot Water - You may notice that the water is not hot, or heating is not effective. Or you may have irregular heating as the boiler keeps turning off.

Strange Noises - You may hear hissing or banging noises from your water or heating system, which can be due to low water pressure or an air lock in the system. These sounds could also mean that your boiler is not working properly.

At times, we can carry out a boiler repair for you quickly. We can power flush your boiler, descale it, or replace parts to get it back up and running. When we visit your home, we will assess the situation so that we can recommend the best solution for you.

Please contact us if you think your boiler needs replacing, or if you would like to reduce the cost of your heating bills by installing a more efficient boiler system.

Benefits of Getting a New Boiler Installed

New boilers provide unrivalled energy efficiency, meaning reduced heating costs for you all year long. And that is not all, either: new boilers are also far more environmentally friendly, since their efficiency reduces carbon emissions.

Here are some reasons why having a new boiler in your property is a great idea:

More Efficient

If you have an older boiler, it may be time for an upgrade. Newer boilers tend to be more efficient and can save money on your energy bills over time. If your current boiler is more than 15 years old, it may also be costing you alot in wasted energy. This can add up over time and could even lead to higher fuel bills if your boiler is not efficient enough to meet demand during the winter months.

A Safer Option

Newer boilers are required by law to include safety features that older models do not have. For example, many newer models have auto-shut offs that prevent fires from starting if there is a problem with pressure or temperature in the system. Older models do not have this feature and cannot detect issues like these until they are too late, and flames are visible coming out of the top of the unit!

More Durable and Long Lasting

A new boiler will last longer than an older one because it has been built to withstand years of use and abuse from homeowners who abuse their boilers by not cleaning them regularly or keeping them maintained properly. The newer models are also built with durability in mind so they can stand up to heavy use without giving out after just a few years of operation like older models tend to do as they age out over time due to normal wear and tear caused by everyday use over many years of service.

Lower Repair Costs

The cost of repairs can be extremely high if you have an old boiler in your property. An old boiler will eventually need to be replaced, which could cost thousands of pounds depending on how old it is, as well as how badly damaged it is due to age or improper servicing by previous owners who did not know how to properly maintain their boilers.

A new boiler has much lower repair costs because they are built with better materials and technology which makes them stronger and more resistant to damage caused by wear and tear over time. This means that they will last longer before needing repairs or replacement, which lowers the overall cost of owning a boiler in the long run.

Why Choose Us to Install Your New Boiler

Expertise and Experience

We have years of working experience on boiler installations in Whitley Bay. We provide multiple options from a range of manufacturers so that you can find a boiler that meets your needs. We are trusted by many manufacturers, and we will promote whichever boiler we think is the best fit for your property and your budget.

Fully Compliant

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered, ensuring that your new boiler is installed safely and correctly in accordance with the Boiler Plus standards. We are responsible for the installation in its entirety, so that you will have complete peace of mind.

Competitive Pricing

We regularly compare our prices with those of our competitors in Whitley Bay to ensure that you pay the best possible price for our installation service. By choosing us you will get excellent service at the most affordable price.

Convenient Quotes

We provide a full, no obligation quote, we will make sure that the process remains quick, simple, and straightforward by arranging for a boiler installer to visit you at a time convenient for you.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to talk to you and book a property visit for a free quotation.

Our professional boiler servicing in Whitley Bay can extend the life of your boiler by ensuring that it is kept in tip-top condition.

- Experienced Gas Safe registered engineers in Whitley Bay
- We service any model, type, and brand
- We prevent gas leakage risks and fire hazards
- Improve the efficiency of your boiler

Why Regular Boiler Servicing is Important?

Boiler breakdowns can be dangerous, particularly if they happen at night or on a weekend. Scheduling annual maintenance will help ensure that your boiler runs efficiently and safely.


One of the most important reasons for replacing an old boiler is safety. Older models are prone to leaking carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless, and tasteless gas that can cause headaches and nausea if left unchecked. Inhaling too much carbon monoxide can be fatal. You may not even realise that your boiler is leaking carbon monoxide as you may not smell it or taste it, but it will affect how well you sleep and feel during the day. A leak in your boiler could also mean that your heating system is not working properly which means that you are wasting money on fuel bills and more importantly putting yourself at risk of being ill from living in a cold house!

Long Lifespan of Boiler

Another reason to get your boiler serviced is because it is good for its lifespan. If left alone for too long, boilers can begin to wear out quicker than usual which means they will need replacing sooner than expected - costing you more money! A regular service will prevent this happening by ensuring everything is working properly so that when the time comes for replacement, your new boiler will last longer before needing repairs again.

Keep Your Energy Bills Low

If you have an older model boiler, then it may not be as efficient as newer models and therefore use more energy. A professional service will ensure that any faults or problems are fixed so that your boiler runs smoothly and efficiently. This can also help reduce carbon emissions from your home.

Improve Comfort in Your Home

Some boilers can make your home cold or hot when they are running, which is uncomfortable for you and whoever lives there with you! A professional service will ensure that all parts of the system are working properly so that you get warm water when needed without wasting energy on heating water unnecessarily. It will also allow you to control how much heat comes out of each tap in case you need.

No Leaks

To make sure that there are no leaks in your system that could cause damage to the surrounding area or even start a fire if they are near combustible materials like wood and paper products.

A professionally done boiler service can also help reduce carbon monoxide (CO) emissions and make sure that you are using energy as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today if you are unsure when your boiler was last serviced or concerned about its performance.

Why Choose Us for Boiler Service in Whitley Bay?

Gas Safe-Registered Boiler Service Engineers

We work with experienced and certified boiler engineers who will service your water heating appliance, according to the manufacturer's instructions and ensure that any small boiler problems are eliminated in due time. This will not only improve your boiler's efficiency and performance but will also prevent costly repairs down the line.

We Service Any Type, Model and Brand

Our technicians will inspect the boiler, service it and test it to make sure that it works more efficiently, and your home is nice and warm in the cold weather months. Our heating professional will recommend if anything needs to be replaced that does not come as part of the regular boiler servicing job.

Flexible Appointments

We will strive to meet your expectations, even at short notice. We know how stressful it could be to wait for your boiler to be in perfect condition. However, we advise you not to leave everything at the last minute but contact us well in advance, so that we can secure an appointment with you at a time that is convenient for us and you.

Local Gas Boiler Servicing in Whitley Bay

We have a team of certified gas-safe registered heating engineers, qualified plumbers, and drainage specialists in Whitley Bay. Our teams are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

We have a team of expert boiler service engineers who can help you with any central heating system problems. They have experience with inspecting and testing all types and brands of heating appliances, so your property is in safe hands.

What Our Boiler Service in Whitley Bay Involves

Our boiler service checks are designed to identify and resolve potential problems early on, thereby keeping your boiler healthy and reducing the chances of a severe breakdown occurring in the future. Manufacturers recommend that boilers be serviced at least once a year, but if you are not sure when your next service is due then please do get in touch.

What We Check in Boiler Service Whitley Bay

- Check all main boiler components
- Check flue terminals and internal flue components
- Check that burner is burning efficiently
- Boiler parts are cleaned if necessary
- Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no gas leaks
- Boiler casing checked to see it is properly sealed

Boiler Service FAQs

How Regularly Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

We recommend that you get your boiler serviced once a year. This will ensure that any problems are addressed promptly so you can maintain a fully working boiler.

What Happens During a Boiler Service?

During a boiler service, your boiler will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and any faults found will be rectified accordingly. The service will also include an annual gas safety certificate which needs to be renewed every 12 months by law.

How Do I Maintain My Boiler?

The best way to maintain your boiler is by regular servicing by an expert. This will ensure that any problems are spotted early on and fixed before they become bigger issues. A certified engineer can also advise on how often you should service your system and what parts need replacing at regular intervals so that your system runs efficiently for as long as possible.

What Is the Cost of Boiler Service?

A boiler service costs can vary, depending on whether your boiler is gas or electric and the size of your home.

If you need boiler repairs in Whitley Bay, call us immediately. Boilers are an essential part of modern life. They give us heat, hot water and help to make our houses comfortable. When you need a boiler repair, it is a serious situation that cannot be ignored. We know that it is a situation that cannot wait and that is why our heating engineers are always ready to attend any emergency.

Our team of Gas Safe Engineers is highly trained and will provide a calculated and precise service. All you need to do is just call us and tell us what the problem is. We will come out to your place, analyse the problems, and get it fixed as quickly as soon as possible.

Professional Boiler Repairs in Whitley Bay

As professional boiler engineers in Whitley Bay, we aim to carry out boiler repairs in a timely and efficient manner. However, we are mindful that the quality of our work is imperative to maintaining your boiler's functionality, so we take the time required to ensure that each repair meets industry standards.

Our professional staff is trained to deal with any problem you may be having, no matter how large or small. We are here to help with any boiler related issue that is bothering you or interfering with your daily life.

When we arrive at a job, we take the time to understand the problem. We combine your description of the issue with what we can see and hear when we inspect your boiler at your home or business. Through this process, we get an accurate view of what repairs will be needed, which we carry out right away.

We are committed to ensuring that your boiler will be up and running, and completely serviced before we leave. You can rest assured that you have a reliable service team on your side.

Common Boiler Repair Faults

No Hot Water

If you are not getting any hot water from your boiler, then it could be due to a number of reasons. Before you get out your toolbox and start trying to fix it yourself, make sure that the problem is not something simple like a faulty timer or thermostat. If this is the case, you should be able to fix it yourself with the help of our guide on how to change an immersion heater element. If you have checked this and still cannot get any hot water, then there could be more serious problems with your boiler or central heating system. You should get these checked out by a qualified engineer before attempting any repairs yourself.

One Zone Not Heating Up

If one zone in your house is not heating up then there are several possible causes for this problem, some easy to fix and others more serious requiring professional assistance. The first thing you should do is check that all your radiators are switched on and have been filled up properly with water or antifreeze (depending on your type of central heating).

Flue Blockages

These can be caused by leaves and other debris getting into the flue and restricting the flow of air through it, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the boiler. If you notice that your stove is producing less heat than usual or that it is burning more coal than normal, this could be an indication of a blocked flue. To unblock it you will need to get someone to come out and clear it for you. You should also check that there is not anything blocking the chimney regularly as this can happen over time too.


Leaks in your system can cause problems like overfilling or flooding if they are not detected early enough. Therefore, regular inspections are so important; if your system is leaking then you should call an engineer in to stop it before any serious damage occurs.

Defective Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve is designed to release excess pressure in the system if it becomes too high. If this valve is not working properly, then it could cause serious damage to your boiler and cause major leaks within your property. A pressure relief valve should be inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear and replaced if necessary.

Noisy Boiler

A noisy boiler could mean that there is an issue with the impeller inside the pump or with the fan in the flue system. This is a problem that needs to be addressed quickly because it can damage other parts of your boiler if left unchecked. It can also be very distracting when trying to relax at home and enjoy some peace and quiet after work! A professional will be able to diagnose what is causing the noise and fix it accordingly.

Why Choose Us

Whitley Bay Boiler Repairs – Honest and Fixed Pricing

We have a team of boiler technicians who are available 24/7 across Whitley Bay. When you call, we will dispatch the nearest available technician to ensure the speediest response. Our technicians have years of experience and can get your home’s heating back to normal as quickly as possible.

Repairs to All Boiler Brands and Models

We are experienced in repairing all brands and models of boilers, so you can rely on us for an expert repair on your boiler in Whitley Bay.

Gas Boiler Repairs

Our technicians in Whitley Bay are highly trained and licensed to work on gas-operated boilers, so you can feel confident that your boiler is in good hands.

Expert Advice on a New Replacement

If your old boiler is beyond repair, we will help you find a replacement.

Full Price Up-Front

We provide a fixed-price, inclusive quote for our boiler repair services. This means you always know what you are paying for before work begins.

Excellent Warranties

We stand behind the high quality of our work with a warranty. You will also receive manufacturer warranties on spare parts or a new boiler replacement.

When it comes to 24/7 boiler repairs and great service, depend on our best rapid response experts for all your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will Boiler Repairs in Whitley Bay Take?

The length of a boiler repair job is affected by the nature of the problem. We would not want to give a precise time for a repair as each job is different.

I Do not Know What is Wrong

Please do not worry if you cannot tell what is wrong with the boiler. Just explain to us what you are hearing and seeing. We will examine the boiler upon arrival to determine what is wrong. Please do not feel like you need to be an expert for us to help you. Any information you can give us beforehand will help us understand the issue and get started on your repair quickly.

How Much Do Boiler Repairs in Whitley Bay Cost?

We prefer to agree on a fixed price quote beforehand. Do not worry we provide the best boiler repair services in Whitley Bay, at prices that are lower than the competition.

If you need emergency boiler repairs or an urgent boiler breakdown in Whitley Bay, please call Smart Flow NE right away.

We offer central heating and boiler services throughout the local area, including:

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